Inventory 7 the line and the dots
26 December 2016

variable sizes
drypoint on plexiglas and ink
the line- 15cmx1880cm
16 dots- 5cm x17cm x12cm


Inventory 7 is composed of two main pieces: The Line and the Dots, two works made of etching drypoint on Plexiglas. Each etching is an exact reproduction of photographs collected by the artist. The Line, made of 43 small images, is designed to be crossed by the eyes. These images came both from family memories of Elián Stolarsky as from her upcoming investigation on the life of the Jewish community in Paris during the first half of the 20th Century. The Line is a wide window towards the world of textures and objects that trigger memories and the constructions of new universes. It’s also about the states of being and knowing the world, a reference to Plato’s Allegory of the divided line. As to The Dots, they are represented by using 16 small boxes, all of them carved by hand. The Dots seek to reflect infinity through pictures. The Dots, subtitled The Period, refers to a famous statement by Kandinsky: the period is an essential bridge between words and silence. Drawings more stripped and transparent boxes with superposed images, The Dots are a minimalist installation unlike the visual density of The Line.

Lines and dots are elementary geometric figures. Combined, they represent time, movement and the material world, in a constant dialogue with the origin, the drive and the spirit. For Elián Stolarsky, the carving process is a way to record and remember. As it happens with memory, it’s an insistent way of trying not to forget in order to understand where we come from and where we can decide to go.